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Life is full of magic, fun and glitters.What occurs in a day is more magical than any supernatural or fantasy movie you have ever watched. Roll and action in films… There’s water in the air, beings flying, and much much more. But we have to watch without any disturbance. If we are distracted by a phone call or doze off or someone calls you, you miss the interesting scenes and understanding of the parts.

In real life roll and action… we have to watch with the same degree of concentration as we watch a movie. Just imagine how the movie of your life is going on… If you are living life sleeping, you are bypassing all your messages and synchronicities that are guiding and directing you in life. If you hear a conversation and the words hit you directly, then they were meant to be heard at that moment. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have happened at that exact time, at that specific place where you were present. If you were not sharing the same frequency and were not on the same wavelength, you wouldn’t have been in earshot of conversation as validated by Rhonda Byrne in her book The Secret.

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